Department of Neurobiology Microscopes

The Department of Neurobiology has an array of microscopes and analysis tools to enable live imaging studies in animals and brain slices, as well as with fixed samples.  Conventional laser scanning confocal microscopy resources augment live imaging confocal and two-photon microscopes outfitted with the latest technological innovations including resonant scanning to capture millisecond events such as calcium transients; spectral detection using a 32PMT spectral detector enabling the deconvolution  of fluorescent emissions of any wavelength of light; and focal light stimulation tools enabling uncaging of light-activated compounds or modulation of light-activated receptors.

Accompanying these microscopes are a perfusion system, picospritzers for focal applications of drugs and compounds, and an electroporator enabling the introduction of DNA or fluorescent sensors directly into neurons of interest.  These microscopes also allow for semi-automated conventional confocal microscopy with a suite of analysis software tools.

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