Drug Discovery Institute (UPDDI) - High Content Screening (HCS) Imaging Resources

The imaging resources at the University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute (UPDDI) include high content screening (HCS) platforms to extract multi-parameter information from cell and tissue models, as well as engineered small organism models of disease. 

There are four HCS automated fluorescence imaging platforms for the development and implementation of high content assays and screens.  The ArrayScan 3.5 and ArrayScan VTI (ThermoFisher) are wide field imaging platforms, while the two ImageXpress Ultra (Molecular Devices) platforms are confocal imagers.  

These automated fluorescence imagers enable large-scale quantitative fluorescence microscopy at the level of the individual cell.  Multiple cellular components can be labeled simultaneously to measure modulation of specific signaling pathways (e.g., protein expression and phosphorylation, biosensor interactions, and intracellular location), organelle function (e.g., mitochondrial membrane potential or lysosome activity), cell migration, and morphology changes.  A full complement of software suites is available for custom image analysis.

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