Rangos Research Center Animal Imaging Core Facility, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

The Rangos Animal Imaging Core is a research resource that provides various in vivo organ/tissue imaging and image-guided interventions.  The Core provides consultation for the design and implementation of imaging experiments, support and training for investigators in image acquisition and image-guided interventions (including ultrasound-guided microinjection of anesthetized small animals and rat fetal microinjection), and assistance in image process and data analysis.  

Animal imaging capabilities include:

  1. a 7T micro magnetic resonance imaging (micro-MRI) system that can accommodate 15 cm diameter samples (small animals), and provides image resolution up to 39 μm; 
  2. a micro computed tomography/positron emission tomography/single photon emission computed tomography (micro-CT/PET/SPECT) system that can provide up to 11 μm resolution, and can be utilized for fixed samples or small animals; 
  3. a hospital-grade ultrasound imaging system that can provide 100 μm image resolution on rodents through large animals; 
  4. a high-resolution ultrasound imaging/microinjection system capable of imaging zebrafish and rodents (embryo to adult) at 30 μm resolution, adult mouse echocardiograpy, blood flow measurement, and guiding microinjection procedures;  

Rangos Animal Imaging Core Facility